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Small Scale CNC is a one-man, two-machine operation specialising in the making of bespoke one-offs and short production runs of a variety of objects in a range of materials. From custom guitar parts, to motorcycle fuel tank emblems - even the cocktail coasters you'll find at the Savoy Hotel's world renowned American Bar.

As well as creating objects from scratch I also offer modification services, a recent example being a small batch of off-the-shelf amplifier enclosures which needed machining to accommodate additional componentry - whatever I'm working on, it's all done with care and attention to detail.

Much of my work is of a bespoke nature, decorative and small in scale, but I'm more than happy to consider any project that you might see fitting my remit. It might just be a slab of metal that needs a few features cutting into it - it doesn't have to be small or delicate for the details to matter to me.

If you need something making but regular shops are way over budget, too busy or unresponsive, then give me a call - I'd be more than happy to discuss your project requirements.


Vernon Mill, Stockport, UK
 +44(0) 7891 987 844